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Изобретение для удаления пня

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Изобретение для удаления пня

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Стартовая цена 37,000,000 EUR
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for 40,000,000 EUR
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Место жительства :
Страна : Россия (Russian Federation)
Осталось времени :
13 дней/дня, 7ч 23мин 2с
Время начала : 18.06.2020 21:20:01
Время завершения : 17.08.2020 21:20:01
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в Россия (Russian Federation)

  • The invention relates to a stump removal device. A similar device is not known to the inventor of the prior art. Rather, to remove a stump, the roots connected to it are uncovered by means of a spade, a shovel, etc., and then separated by means of an ax, a saw, etc. of the tree stump. Then the tree stump is lifted out. If necessary, the roots are further exposed and removed, although not all roots are completely removed, since the roots of a tree, depending on its size, extend very far and deep, and the roots remaining in the soil eventually rot and biodegrade.
  • This work is time-consuming and labor-intensive and, if a third party is charged with this work for a fee, is also cost-intensive.
  • The invention is based on the object of providing a tree stump removal device which accelerates and simplifies this work.
  • To achieve the object, a stump removal device is provided, comprising a frame, a closed blade with a cutting surface pointing downwards and a fastening device connected to a drive device, wherein the drive device is fastened to the frame, and by this a tensile force can be exerted on the fastening device, and wherein the frame is mounted at one end on the blade or attached thereto. Further advantageous embodiments of the invention will become apparent from the dependent claims.
  • According to the invention, the stump removal device has a frame, which extends laterally and above the tree stump, wherein the frame can be designed in particular three-legged or vierfüßig. The frame is mounted at its lower end on a blade with a downwardly facing cutting surface or attached to this, which extends around the entire circumference of a tree stump to be removed. Now, if a downwardly directed force is exerted on the frame, this is transmitted to the blade, which thereby moves down and cuts through the roots connected to the tree stump. To accomplish this, a fastener is attached to the stump, which is connected to a drive means which in turn is attached to the frame. The drive means exerts an upward pulling force on the attachment means, which is transmitted via the attachment means on the tree stump, whereby an upward-facing tensile force is exerted on the tree stump. Since the drive device is fixed to the frame, this is according to the third Newton Axiom - actio same reaction - at the same time a downward force exerted on the frame, which finally moves the blade down. As a result, the roots of the stump are advantageously separated on the entire circumference of the same in one step. Additional steps are not required. Although the tree stump removal device must be constructed in advance, or be positioned at a tree stump to be removed, but the amount of work required for this is anyway smaller than that which arises in the exposure and manual separation of the roots. For example, the stump removal device of the present invention could be transported by a truck also equipped with a crane such that the stump removal device can be easily moved to the desired location and lifted from the truck bed and positioned at a tree stump to be removed.
  • In a particular embodiment of the invention, the fastening device comprises at least one steel cable and the drive device at least one motor-driven winch on which the steel cable is wound. This embodiment is characterized by its simplicity and thus by the low production costs. The steel cable is fastened at one end to a tree stump to be removed by means of fastening bolts or screws or by means of a rod, which is guided through a corresponding transverse bore in the tree stump to be removed. On the other hand, during operation of the stump removal device, the steel cable is wound on a winch, whereby a tensile force is exerted on the stump. The frame may have an opening through which the steel cable is guided and which is arranged centrally above the tree stump. Of course, the fastening device may also consist of several steel cables or a branching steel cable. Furthermore, the fastening device may comprise a roller assembly by means of which greater forces can be exerted on the tree stump to be removed and thus as described above on the blade. Also, thereby the drive device can be made smaller.
  • In a particular embodiment of the tree stump removal device according to the invention, the frame is vierfüßig and the blade square, each foot of the frame is mounted on a corner or edge of the blade or fixed there. This embodiment has a simple geometric shape of the frame and the blade.
  • In a further embodiment of the invention can be provided that the drive means is at least one pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder, which is integrated into the frame and by means of which an upper part of the frame is movable against a lower part of the frame. This embodiment represents an alternative to the previously described combination of steel cable and winch. Although the fastening device may still be a steel cable, the drive device is not a winch, but rather at least one pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder, by means of which an upper part of the frame against a lower part of the same is moved. This means that it exerts a pulling force on a stump to be removed - and an opposite force on the frame and the blade - that an upper part of the frame is moved upwards. If the frame is formed mehrfüßig, for example, three or vierfüßig, preferably in each foot, a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder is arranged. A means for generating the required pressure for the pneumatic or hydraulic medium in this case also exists, but need not necessarily be arranged on the frame.
  • The invention will be described again below with reference to the 1 described.
  • 1 shows a perspective view of an embodiment of the tree stump removal device according to the invention 1 , The stump removal device 1 has a frame 2 , a closed square blade 3 with a circumferential cutting surface 4 , a fastening device 5 in the form of a steel cable combination and a drive device 6 on. The frame 2 consists of four feet, which centrically at one end above the tree stump to be removed 7 attached to each other. Otherwise, the feet are on the corners of the blade 3 stored. The fastening device 5 is two-sided on the tree stump 7 over a steel rod 8th which passes through a transverse bore in the stump 7 pushed, fastened. The drive device 6 is shown only schematically and consists in this embodiment of an electric motor driven winch, on which at least one steel cord of the fastening device 5 is wound up when the engine is activated. The fastening device 5 further includes a roller assembly 9 on to the winch of the drive device 6 to relieve or to exercise greater tractive forces. By the drive device 6 becomes an upward pulling force on the tree stump 7 exercised. On the rack 2 and with it the blade 3 the downward force is exerted, which causes the blade 3 moved down and finally the roots also shown schematically 10 severed.
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    Устройство для удерживания инструмента
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    Стартовая цена : 40,000,000 EUR
    Текущая цена : -
    Окончание : 17.08.2020 20:55:01

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